Microsoft Access for HR

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Intensive, hands-on, one-day Microsoft Access Database course delivered online by a Live Trainer and not recorded Videos. Please read prerequisites and other details in the description below.

This course is pre-approved for:
– 6.5 PDC by SHRM, USA
– 6.5 CPD hours by CPHR-BC & Yukon
– 6.5 CPD hours by CPHR-Manitoba

We have distinct course dates for Pacific and Eastern Time zones. You can explore both options below.

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Microsoft Access for HR & Admin Professionals

Microsoft Access is a widely-used desktop database application for business, commercial, and industrial purposes. As a relational database, it organizes data into tables that can be interconnected. Additionally, it features a robust query tool, enabling users to retrieve information from the database for reporting and decision-making purposes.

The Access for HR & Admin Professional course is an introductory program tailored for HR and Admin personnel eager to discover how MS Access can significantly benefit a Human Resources department. The practical exercises are HR-centric, providing a solid foundation in desktop database creation. Participants will learn to construct a new Access database with employee data, establish Table Relationships, and develop Queries, Forms, and Reports. Additionally, the course enhances confidence in managing existing databases, given that databases form the core of all HRIS software. For a comprehensive understanding of the course content, please consult the detailed outline provided below.

Prerequisites: At least six months of experience working in Windows environment with mouse. Some keyboard skills also required. Some experience of working with Excel is desirable but not necessary.
Course Duration: One Day
Class Times-1: 9:00 AM to 5:00 PM Pacific Time (Vancouver, Los Angeles)
Class Times-2: 9:00 AM to 5:00 PM Eastern Time (Toronto, New York)
Course Pace and Style: Medium-to-Fast; Instructor-led, Hands-on, Intensive, Interactive
Course Delivery Format: OnLine Instructor-led.  In-Person for Group Training in Canada only.
Course Outline Download: Microsoft_Access_for_HR
Cancellation & Date Change Policy: Cancellation Policy
Technical Requirements for Taking OnLine Courses: OnLine Tech Requirements

This course is pre-approved for:
– 6.5 PCD by SHRM, USA
– 6.5 CPD hours by CPHR-BC & Yukon
– 6.5 CPD hours by CPHR-Manitoba

Course Outline 

Lesson 1: Exploring the Access Interface

  • Database Basics
  • Running Microsoft Access
  • The Opening Screen
  • The Initial Access Screen
  • Working with Help

Lesson 2: Creating a New HR Database

  • Database Design Basics
  • Creating a Database

Lesson 3: Creating a Data Table

  • Designing a Table
  • Creating an Employee Info Table
  • Creating Tables for Departments, Employment Type, Job Titles, Courses, Training
  • Redesigning a Table
  • Renaming a Database Object

Lesson 4: Working with a Table

  • Viewing a Table
  • Editing a Table
  • Modifying a Table
  • Sorting Table Records
  • Filtering Table Records
  • Printing a Table
  • Print Previewing
  • Page Setup

Lesson 5: Setting up Table Relationship

  • Understanding Table Relationship
  • Creating Relationship between Tables
  • Viewing Subdatasheets
  • Enforcing Referential Integrity
  • Printing Table Relationships

Lesson 6: Working with Queries

  • Learning Concepts of a Query
  • Creating Queries with Logical Operators
  • Creating Queries with a Wildcard
  • Creating a Calculated Field Query
  • Using Summary Operators
  • Compound Queries
  • Querying Multiple Tables

Lesson 7: Some Sample Queries

  • Calculating Length of Service
  • Monthly-Annual Hiring Pattern
  • Tracking Employee Training
  • Tracking Training Dollars
  • Departmental Summaries
  • Performing Numerical Calculations

Lesson 8: Creating a Form

  • Form Overview
  • Creating A Form for Data Entry
  • Customizing the Form with Controls
  • Making Changes in the Design and Layout Views
  • Adding a Logo to a Form
  • Testing the Form

Lesson 9: Creating a Report

  • Report Overview
  • Creating a Report with Summaries for Printing
  • Customizing the Reports
  • Making Changes in the Design and Layout Views
  • Adding a Logo to a Report
  • Adding Page Breaks
Class Start Time

9:00 AM Pacific Time, 9:00 AM Eastern Time

Course Date

08-Feb-2024, 04-Apr-2024, 30-May-2024, 25-Jul-2024, 19-Sep-2024, 14-Nov-2024, S, 22-Feb-2024, 18-Apr-2024, 13-Jun-2024, 08-Aug-2024, 03-Oct-2024, 28-Nov-2024