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General Information:
To register for an OnLine course, please add it to your shopping cart and pay.
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-first select your Course Start Time-Zone (Pacific or Eastern) and then
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Our OnLine class size is small so please register ASAP to book a seat.  To be able to attend our Online training class successfully, please make sure that your computer setup meets our technical requirements. 
Please click to read the Technical Requirements for attending our OnLine courses

Registration for Online courses is accepted on this website 24/7. If you register in the last moment, sometimes it may not be possible to add your name to the class roster due to operational constraints. In such a rare case, you could opt for another course date or ask for a full refund. 

Payment Options:

You can make the payment for courses by Credit Card (VISA/MC/AMEX).

Please contact us in advance if you wish to make a payment by Bank Transfer. The Bank Transfer option is available only for group registrations when a large payment by credit card may not be practical.

Cancellations, Change of Date and Refunds:

Please click to view Our Cancellation Policy.

Course Certificate:
A certificate is issued upon completion of the course. A duplicate copy of your lost certificate can be obtained by paying USD $25+Applicable Tax per certificate.

Course Pace and Contents:
Most participants prefer that a significant amount to be covered in a day’s time to get the best value for their time and money. Therefore, our courses are intensive, hands-on, and tend to be medium-to-fast-paced. Please make sure you have the right prerequisites for the level you have signed up for. This will ensure that you get the most out of the course.

Our course outlines are indicative of what is possible to cover in a day’s time. The group pace of a class determines exactly how much can be covered. On a good day, we may be able to cover even extra material; and on other days, we may have to leave a few exercises.

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Upcoming Online Excel Courses for
HR Professionals

CourseStart DateLocationTime ZonePrice-USD
Excel Formulas and Functions for HR28-May-2024OnLinePacific385.00
Microsoft Access for HR30-May-2024OnLinePacific300.00
Excel Data Analysis for HR31-May-2024OnLinePacific385.00
Excel Formulas and Functions for HR10-Jun-2024OnLineEastern385.00
Microsoft Access for HR13-Jun-2024OnLineEastern300.00
Excel Data Analysis for HR14-Jun-2024OnLineEastern385.00
Excel Formulas and Functions for HR24-Jun-2024OnLinePacific385.00
Excel Data Analysis for HR28-Jun-2024OnLinePacific385.00
Excel Formulas and Functions for HR08-Jul-2024OnLineEastern385.00
Excel Data Analysis for HR12-Jul-2024OnLineEastern385.00


Our Excel for HR courses cover a good number of skills measured by Microsoft in their Excel certification exams. Those planning to write these exams will find our courses bolstering their efforts to earn a certificate directly from Microsoft. Please follow the link below to their site for more information.

Microsoft Office Specialist: All Exams